Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Chambers for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)


Hyperbaric Chambers

Series IB-200, IB-230
We adapt to the space available so that it can be operated in compliance with all standards of the Ministry of Industry and Medical.

We manufacture custom-made, with different diameters and lengths, for the required working pressure, as well as number of seats and their distribution in each compartment.


  • Multipurpose chambers (both for decompression treatments and hyperbaric oxygen therapy).
  • Very comfortable.
  • Very easy operation (manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation option).
  • Reliable, with thousands of hours of treatment without breakdowns.
  • They help the economic profitability to be high.
  • Safe, with a fixed fire protection system in each compartment, warning alarm systems to the Operator and triple communication system between the Operator and the interior of each chamber compartment.
  • CE marking complying with European Directives for both Medical Devices and Pressure Equipment.

Equipment and Safety:

Our hyperbaric chambers comply with the EN-14931 and EN-16081 standards required for hyperbaric chambers for human occupation, being continuously audited by international Control Authorities and Bodies, thus guaranteeing the highest standards of safety and equipment required in this equipment.


  • Elegant and comfortable ergonomic seats, with folding armrests and seats.
  • Different mask systems for oxygen respiration, either continuous flow or on demand, as well as special BIBS.
  • IBERLUZ lighting system, with outdoor installation to increase safety and provide different levels of lighting that can be adjusted from the control panel.
  • Triple communication system, for greater redundancy and safety, between the exterior control panel and the interior of each compartment, made up of an environmental communication system, a self-generated emergency telephone that does not require an electrical connection and the consistent IBERCOWARNING system in 5 illuminated buttons that send the Operator clear orders in the form of visual and acoustic alarm.
  • Habitability and a feeling of clarity and cleanliness inside, minimizing the risks of bumps and trips thanks to its carefully studied design.
  • Our data recording system IBERCOGRAPHIC (acts as a “black box”) records and displays the graph and all the main variables of the system, as well as alarms generated and actions carried out, in addition to providing very important help to the Operator during the sessions by providing all the data in real time, as well as the treatment graph and digitally indicating at what speed it is pressurizing / depressurizing at all times.
  • Our system IBERCOMATIC (equivalent to “autopilot” and “black box”, all in one) allows the hyperbaric chamber to be handled safely and easily, guaranteeing a precise result and counting with warning systems by visual and acoustic alarm of all the main variables of the system that must be controlled before and during a session.
  • Fixed fire protection system according to EN-16081 with manual activation and by means of emergency mushroom both from inside and outside of each compartment and from the control panel.
  • Food passage with quick external bayonet-type closure and IBERCOSAFE safety closure system.
  • ASME PVHO-1 certified peepholes on each door and on the sides of the hyperbaric chamber, with a large field of vision.
  • Video surveillance system with high definition CCTV cameras and DVR image recorder, as well as an ambient sound recorder and the main communication system, with a monitor installed in the control panel.
  • Ventilation system and oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzers exclusive for each compartment, with alarm warning systems in case of reaching high values ​​of these gases, to increase safety.
  • Air conditioning system with hot and cold air inside the main chamber to maintain comfortable environmental conditions.

Among other options, we highlight the following:

  • Sink for the personal hygiene of patients.
    Water hose inside the compartment for cleaning and / or focusing water on a specific area.
  • Possibility of peepholes of different sizes and shapes, according to customer requirements.
  • Carbon dioxide absorbent equipment to be installed inside the compartment.
  • Entertainment systems.
  • Increase the number of compartments, as well as the size of each one.
  • Equipment for the engine room (compressors, air bottles, air purifying filter systems, air storage tanks, etc.).
  • Other options requested on request.

Manual Control Panel

Attached to the chamber is the compact design manual control panel, grouping the services by compartments (chamber – antechamber).

The manual controls are always operational, even working in automatic mode, for redundancy of the system security.

This manual control box is only visible to the Hyperbaric Chamber Operator when it is in a private area hidden from the public, to avoid manipulation by unauthorized personnel.

Main features:

  • Easy maintenance.
  • Intuitive, for optimal and safe monitoring of hyperbaric treatment.
X-rayed: 100 % longitudinal and circumferential
Thickness Measurement For control, detection leaf
Ultrasonic Welding intermediate bottom
Liquid penetrant Couplings and peepholes


Hydraulic testing: Three (Camera, antechamber and pitch food)
Pneumatic Testing Three (Camera, antechamber and pitch food)
Tetual operation Three (Camera, antechamber and pitch food)

Automatic Control Desk

Connected to the hyperbaric chamber, grouping the services by compartments (camera – antechamber).
It allows to operate the camera in semiautomatic or automatic mode.

Main Features:

  • Customizable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Portable, with wheels that allow its displacement.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Graphic data recording system.
  • CCTV surveillance system, visualization and recording of images and sound.
  • Visualization of all the variables of the different installation systems, as well as the hyperbaric treatment.
  • IBERCOMATIC software validated by Notified Body in accordance with EN 62304 and EN 60601-1.
  • Alarm systems warning the Operator.
  • SIEMENS touch screen for system management and digital display of all its variables.
  • PC for greater convenience of handling, as well as extraction / printing of records of previous sessions

Photographs of some manufactured Hyperbaric Chambers

Convert your hyperbaric chamber manual control system
in a modern and secure automated data collection and control system.
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