Decompression Chambers

Transportable Decompression Chambers


Decompression Chambers

Models: IB-130, IB-150, IB-180
Comfortable, reliable, safe, durable and easy to use cameras. Practically do not need mechanical maintenance.

  • Comply with the legislation in force.
  • CE Marking.
  • Certified by the Spanish Navy (OCEPIT) under its strict safety and operation standards.


  • They are multiplace cameras with two compartments, specially designed for applications related to emergency situations and decompression operations in professional diving, which allow to carry out simulated dives and aid in teaching, among other applications.
  • Their size and weight make them ideal for placing them on site as they are easily transportable in a medium truck, being also adaptable to a standard 20 or 40 ft container, trailer, boat or vehicle.
  • We adapt the cameras with the equipment required in each case, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of the end user.
  • Oxygen-on-demand respirator mask system (possibility of different models).
Possibility of incorporating options, among others, such as:
  • Fixed system against fire in chamber and antechamber, in accordance with the EN-16081 Standard.
  • Air conditioning system in the main chamber, to maintain comfortable environmental conditions inside.
  • Carbon dioxide absorber equipment.
  • IBERCOGRAPHIC data collection system, of the main variables of the system.
  • IBERCOMATIC automatic and semi-automatic control system.
  • Special oxygen breathing systems (BIBS).
  • Different sizes, number of seats and stretchers.
  • Different working pressures.
  • Incorporation of equipment and / or systems requested on demand by the Client.
  • Containerized installation with the possibility of the hyperbaric module being totally autonomous, incorporating an electric current generator, compressor and integrated bottle rack. Includes container lighting and the possibility of thermal insulation of surfaces and air conditioning of the container itself.

Maximum security:

  • Operation in emergency mode of the main control and safety elements, by means of a 12 Vdc electrical system with battery.
  • Redundant power supply systems, Operator warning alarms and triple communication system between the exterior and interior control panel of each compartment.
  • A wide experience of more than 30 years without claims or incidents supports us.
Material: Carbon Steel (We also built in aluminum/SS)
Diameter: 1.300 mm a 1.800 mm
Total length: 3.400 mm a 4.000 mm
Camera length: 2.400 mm a 3.000 mm
Antechamber length: 1.000 mm
Doors diameter: 1.000 mm
Diameter step drugs: 200 mm
Team based Weight: 1.300 Kg

Inside on Camera

One stretcher and two folding seats, with cushions and upholstery flame retardant and antistatic material.

Interiorly Antechamber

One/two folding seats with fireproof material cushion.


Primer and finished with fireproof paint – White.
Manufacture in non-magnetic materials (stainless steel, aluminum), in diameters between 1.300 and 1.800 mm.
Similar to those made ​​of steel, except weight and magnetic properties

Control Panel

It is attached to the camera control panel Compact design, grouping services compartments (camera – antechamber). The distribution is as follows:

Distribution as follow:

  • Customizable, with the possibility of extending services and warning alarms for the Operator.
  • Folding, for easy maintenance.
  • Intuitive, for an optimal and safe follow-up of hyperbaric treatment.
  • Innovative.
  • Graphical data recording system for main chamber and antechamber main variables.

Photographs of some manufactured Hyperbaric Chambers

Convert the manual control system of your Hyperbaric Chamber into a modern and safe system of control, warnings, alarms, indications and automated data collection.
Provide valuable assistance to the Chambermaid for the safe follow-up of each session by means of this complete monitoring system and graphical data recording.
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