Automatic Control System for Hyperbaric Chambers.

Convert the manual control of your hyperbaric chamber in a modern and secure control and automated data collection, with software validated according to EN 62304 & EN 60601-1.
It faithfully reproduces the previously programmed treatment curve among many other safety functions and helps to the Chambermaid.


Basic System Features:

  • IT environment and SIEMENS equipment: safe, easy to use and guaranteed spare parts.
  • Complete information on hyperbaric treatment.
  • Access security by means of a password.
  • Quick and safe adaptation of the automatic system to unforeseen circumstances during treatment.
  • Easy creation of custom or standard treatment curves.
  • Storage of the curves created in a database.
  • Indication, recording and alarms of water levels of the firefighting system, pressures of each main line of air, oxygen and water, which gives the operator more time of attention to the patients.
  • Record of all the main variables, existing alarms and actions of the Operator during each session, as a “black box”.
  • Safety of operation: control by application on personal computer or by touch screen.
  • Possibility of accessing the system and controlling the hyperbaric chamber remotely from a mobile, PC or Tablet, requiring an access code provided by the User.
  • Visualization and printing of the data stored during the treatments carried out on any date.
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