Rehabilitation of Hyperbaric Chambers

Rehabilitation works to adapt old Chambers to Current Standards

Depending on your physical and administrative condition, we can carry out a thorough review through Non-Destructive Tests and quote some works so that it is fully operational and meets the requirements of current Regulations (if possible).
Since 1984 we have made about 20 camera upgrades. We invite you to initially send us a series of photographs of the camera and photocopies of the documents you have on the history of the camera.

We have recently refurbished a chamber IB-130 of the Spanish Navy whose manufacture dates back to 1988, which has met all its demanding safety and operational requirements, being subsequently certified by OCEPIT (Certified Quality Body within the Spanish Navy) as suitable for be used safely today. It has been delivered in a fully autonomous 20 ′ container, with a generator, compressor and air and oxygen cylinder battery system.

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