Monitoring and Graphic Data Record System

Equip your Hyperbaric Chamber with this complete monitoring system and graphic data recording, which provides a valuable help to the Cameraman for the safe monitoring of each session.

This system can be adapted for other uses that are not related to Hyperbaric Chambers. Tell us what your needs are and we will offer you a tailor-made equipment.


Basic Characteristics of the System:

  • SIEMENS technology: safe, easy to use and guaranteed spare parts.
  • Very complete information on hyperbaric treatment, showing values ​​and graphs in real time of the established parameters.
  • The standard version includes the indication, recording and alarms of Oxygen and Carbonic Anhydride levels, as well as the pressure in the chamber and antechamber, which gives the Chambermaid more time to attend to patients.
  • Security of access to configurations by means of password.
  • Customizable main screen with your logo.
  • Different warning alarms and indication of different variables can be added, on demand.
  • Storage of sessions and data in file with csv format.
  • Possibility of adding other variables to the system to be displayed and recorded, such as temperature, relative humidity, pressure in air or oxygen lines, water fill level of the fire fighting tank, etc.
  • IBERCOGRAPHIC calculates and displays on the screen the approximate pressurization or depressurization speed in each compartment, indicating with an arrow on the screen whether the pressure is increasing or decreasing, assuming an important help for the Camarista.
  • Record of all the main variables and alarms existing during each session, as a “black box”.
  • Safe operation: control by SIEMENS 7 ”touch screen. It can be ordered in different sizes to adapt it to your needs.
  • Visualization of the data stored during the treatments carried out on any date.
  • Data export to an external memory by USB.
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