Recertification and Maintenance

Recertification and Periodic Maintenance

Mandatory Periodic Inspections

IBERCO is a company authorized by Industria EIP-2, which empowers it to carry out periodic Level A inspections, as well as accompany the Control Body in Level B and C (retimbrado). After each favorable inspection, IBERCO issues a Certificate of Suitability for its intended use and its review, providing the additional certificate issued by the Control Body.


Hyperbaric chambers are included in IV category and 1 group of the following table of mandatory periodic inspections (obtained from RD 2060:2008)

Scheduled Maintenances

It is the responsibility of the owner of the hyperbaric center that the pressure equipment contained in the same is properly annually maintained either by an authorized installation company or by the maintenance services of the property if they are technically trained for it.

Our company currently carry out maintenance contracts for hyperbaric facilities with various Centers and hospitals.

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